Program Info & FAQ

"PAALS, Inc. Presents..." ~ The Specifics


PIP is a support program for animal welfare organizations who are critically in need.

Not-for-profits, particularly all-volunteer-run organizations, are regularly faced with the daily challenge of trying to Do Good. To these superheroes, things like assigning volunteers to rallying the community or running fundraiser events can often feel inefficient or even wasteful in the grander scheme.

These animal welfare advocates are often wrapped up in things like freedom rides, gathering petition signatures, adoption reference phone calls, working to get protection legislation passed or chaperoning animal-pals cancer treatments --
Often working day in and day out, all in an effort to save an animal's life...

...and it is for this reason that the PIP Program exists.

The PIP Program offers applicants a choice of support-type to receive, should their application be selected by the PAALS, Inc. Allocation Committee:

1.  Financial Support ~ Selected organization applicants will connect with a PAALS, Inc. Events Pod, who will organize prepare and execute a fundraising event on behalf of the selected organization.  The only required participation from the selected organization is letting their own following know about the event via social media, and attending / volunteering on the day of the actual event. 

2. Community-Focused Support ~ Selected organization applicants will connect with a PAALS, Inc. Events Pod, to determine the type of Community-Focus that the selected organization is in critical need of. Some examples of this type of support could be growth in the organization's volunteer-base, community-geared cause advocacy events or educational program implementation, networking within a community and throwing a "Fresh Look At Fostering!" event where more foster homes are desperately needed and so on.
The designated Events Pod will then organize prepare and execute the agreed-upon endeavor, on behalf of the selected organization.  The only required participation from the selected organization is letting their own following know about the project via social media, and attending / volunteering on the day of the actual event.


Q. How many organizations will PAALS, Inc. help each year?
Our goal is to have provided fifteen not-for-profit organizations with financial or community aide by the end of 2019.

Q. What is the format for selecting these organizations who are in need of support?
Three times per year the PAALS, Inc. Allocation Committee will select five organizations to assist, out of the collection of applicants who apply to the PIP Program.

Q. What is required of these organizations, before their application for support can be considered?
Each of these organizations will need state-level recognition as an Animal Welfare not-for-profit, and will need to provide PAALS, Inc. with details on their critical situation, whether financial or community-based. 

Q. How will PAALS, Inc. ensure that all PIP applicants are considered both fairly and equally?
The PAALS, Inc. Allocation Committee, comprised of Board Members and members of the Executive Management Team, will be utilizing a standardized application review process: 
-Individual / private application review by each committee member
-Open discussion on urgent / decision-making elements, once individual reviewing has ended
-A blind vote to ensure that each committee member provides honest, uninfluenced feedback

Q. What experience do members of PAALS, Inc. have with being involved in the front-lines of nonprofit and not-for-profit work? 
Each of the PAALS, Inc. organization members have been involved in other not-for-profit and nonprofit work before joining PAALS, Inc. As a group we have a unique understanding and appreciation for the level of need that exists on a daily basis in the nonprofit world, and we truly hope to help anyone and everyone that we are able to... 

*If you are not in a position to request financial or community support for your organization, we hope you will still consider getting involved by either sharing about the PIP Program on social media, spreading the word about upcoming events or even diving in to lend a hand as a volunteer!!*

pibble's kibbles pet food pantry is open!

Pibble’s Kibbles is a pet food pantry supported by PAALS, Inc. that provides emergency supplemental dog and cat food to families in need.

This program exists because for the PAALS, Inc. team, our pets mean the absolute world to us. They are our best friends, our family, our comedians, our life lines. Because of this, Pibble’s Kibbles goal is to assist other humans and their pets with emergency food assistance. If a family should fall on hard times and become uncertain as to how they will afford their pet’s next meal, we will be there for them. Instead of agonizing this family can turn to Pibble’s Kibbles Pet Food Pantry for temporary relief, and rest-assured knowing that their pet-pal will receive that next meal.

Kristin O’Malley is PAALS, Inc.’s Pibble’s Kibbles division head.
Before joining PAALS, Inc. Kristin was heading up a self-supported supply mission, providing many Massachusetts residents with emergency pet food on a consistent, bi-weekly basis. Because of this previous experience, her passion for helping pet-parents in need and her drive for working a food-pantry program specifically, Kristin simply could not be a more perfect fit for PAALS, Inc. and for what is now called the Pibble’s Kibbles Pet Food Pantry — in honor of her own lovebug dogpals.

Pibble’s Kibbles is a division of the PAALS, Inc. Community Outreach department.
PAALS, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit organization that focuses on promoting the health, safety and psychological wellness of animals, by providing support to not-for-profit animal welfare organizations in need.