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Kyle’s Legacy Inc.

A Nonprofit Organization Supporting Canine Cancer Research

The Kyle’s Legacy Goal: To Support
Kyle’s Legacy Inc. brings canine cancer awareness
to communities while supporting medical researchers
through funding they need.

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The objective of the Star Light Program is to provide financial aid to qualified families so that they can ensure their pup receives the medical treatment necessary to diagnose cancer or treat Stage I Cancer with Surgery, so that they may enjoy longer quality of life with their canine companion. 


To support research facilities that are looking for innovative ways to treat and cure canine cancer by raising money for continued research.  To help families in financial need fight early stage canine cancer.


We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and to bookmark this website.  We will post educational information regularly, as well as upcoming events.


Our fundraising program looks for ways to get the public involved in creative events while educating about ways to detect, avoid and treat canine cancer.

Kyle's Legacy Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in MA, founded in January of 2017.  EIN 81-5296088.    

A Note From The Founder…


Kyle's Legacy was created to honor the memory of Kyle the Puggle. He was the center of my world, and the greatest joy I have ever known. He was like a human child to me and our bond was so very strong. His loss has been so profound and I am trying to do things to honor his memory in a way that would hopefully make him proud of his Mama, and help others, so that one day maybe no one will ever have to feel the pain cancer causes. I have created Kyle's Legacy Inc., a non-profit corporation to raise money and hold events to benefit Canine Cancer Research. 
- Tina