Open Roles!

*Many roles can be performed remotely!*

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  • Fundraising manager

  • Responsibilities
    This role implements strategies and initiatives to engage current and prospective donors.
    Deploy strategy and implementation of quarterly fundraising campaigns, including the Annual Appeal.
    Develop written and visual content for all donor-related external communication materials, including but not limited to: newsletters, brochures, press releases, blogs, written appeals, content for fundraising initiatives, Email and/or web copy for donors, sponsorships, and the Annual Appeal
    Graphic design person can help with visual component once they are provided parameters
    Review strategy for all fundraising campaign appeals, including online and print, with team members
    Communicate with stakeholders and prospective friends and funders. You will create and edit copy, suggest design and layout, and ensure dissemination of identified stakeholder communications, including regularly occurring messages, special campaigns, events-based communications and programmatic updates.

    You are an excellent writer and communicator, with a passion for impactful storytelling.
    Ability to create clear and powerful written communications and develop marketing materials for fundraising campaigns geared to a wide range of audiences.
    Outgoing and self-motivated.
    Able to stick to deadlines.

  • Volunteer Recruiter

  • The Volunteer Coordinator will brainstorm and execute new ways of recruiting and rallying new volunteers for any open positions: management or regular positions alike!

    Check and maintain volunteer recruiter email inbox daily.
    Brainstorm and execute new ideas for recruiting volunteers.
    Keep detailed online spreadsheet of potential volunteers' information.
    Review potential volunteers' information and interests.
    Communicate with any individuals expressing interest in joining PAALS, provide them with information and answer any questions they may have.
    Set up and maintain volunteer postings on websites such as Volunteer Match, etc.

    Enthusiasm and excitement for our cause is a MUST!
    Regular computer and/or mobile e-mail access to connect with others.
    Experience and comfort with email, as well as spreadsheets / spreadsheet software.
    Commitment of 5-8 hours per week.

  • event team

    • Organizer

      • The Conductor will be the point person and main task delegator for an event pod. Our event pod is a designated group of people who work together to produce events for fundraising or raising awareness.

        Organize main details of the event, and delegating tasks to pod members to execute.
        Keep up to date on progress of pod members, and encouraging/helping where appropriate.
        Be a go-to person for everything about the event.

        Excellent written and verbal communication.
        Extremely organized, with attention to detail, and understanding of how to execute on large tasks working with a team.
        Reliable and able to direct and lead a team.
        Must be web-savvy - email and Google Drive are a must!
        Commitment varies depending on where we are in the event planning process - plan for 6-8 hours a week.

    • Jack/Jill Of All Trades

      • The Jack/Jill of all Trades is exactly what it sounds like! We are looking for two Jacks or Jills of all Trades to work within our event pod. Our event pod are a designated group of people who work together to produce events for fundraising or raising awareness.

        Work closely with their event pod group on every project, as well as some other PAALS, Inc. management.
        Take on miscellaneous tasks, which can range from administrative work, like making signs for an event, to research and coordinating with potential event venues or sponsors, to picking up balloons and other supplies.
        Be a go-to person during events for event volunteers.

        Excellent written and verbal communication.
        Comfort doing a wide variety of tasks.
        Enthusiasm for event planning, as well as the PAALS, Inc. cause.
        Reliable and self-motivated, and able to direct and help lead people.
        Commitment varies depending on where we are in the event planning process - plan for 5-8 hours a week.

  • Pibbles Kibbles Marlborough, ma site lead

  • Pibble’s Kibbles Marlborough Site Lead
    We are looking for a volunteer to manage the Marlborough distribution site!
    -Deliver dog and cat food to the Marlborough Community Cupboard (address is 255 Main St,
    Marlborough, MA 01752) on a bi-weekly basis. Pantry is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9 am to 1 pm and also Wednesday
    from 4:30 pm to 7 pm.
    -Coordinate with the Pibble’s Kibbles manager (Kristin O’Malley) to obtain stock to distribute. Storage space to maintain about a month’s supply on hand (more if you want!) I’m located in Lunenburg, MA and work in Cambridge. I can meet you at either location
    or somewhere in between.
    -Package food for distribution to the Marlboro site. The kibble gets divvied up into gallon Ziploc bags for distribution.
    -Keep a tally of how much food you take into your stock and how much you give out each time. Typically, the distribution amount remains the same but could change due to demand. Intake only needs to be tracked if you receive donations outside the regular stock. I
    keep track of what I give and receive into the main pantry.

    Sound cool??? Give me a shout! or shoot me a message on the PK facebook page