The PIP Fund

PAALS, Inc. Provides support through the following gifts…

The PIP Fund grants are in honor of two animal companions, each of whom was a beloved family member to a human within the PAALS, Inc. Team. These beautiful creatures have since passed away, however their perseverance and strength through each of their different medical challenges, all while giving their humans every single ounce of love that they had, will forever be
cherished, appreciated and recognized through The PIP Fund.


Frequently Asked Questions about The PIP Fund…

  • What is “PIP”?

“PIP” stands for PAALS, Inc. Provides or Presents.
The abbreviation signifies the Providing of a Kora’s Grant ten months of the year, or the Presenting of a Biko’s Gift (during one of our two primary PIP Events) two months of the year.

  • What is the difference between Kora’s Grant and Biko’s Gift?

    • Kora’s Grant is a monthly gift of $500.
      Ten beneficiary recipients are chosen.
      Five recipients are chosen in January, five recipients are chosen in June.

    • Biko’s Gift is a $2,500 gift.
      Two beneficiary recipients are chosen.
      One recipient is chosen in January, one recipient is chosen in June.

  • Who can apply for The PIP Fund?

Any not-for-profit organization that is recognized as a corporation or a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in their state of registration.

  • What is required of organizations, before their PIP Fund application will be considered?

Organization Validity — Applicants will be researched to ensure that all information is valid.

Animal Welfare Focus — Applicant organization’s mission and the mission of PAALS, Inc. must be in line — focused on the well-being of any animals, regardless of the cause.

Critical Need — Organizations will need to provide PAALS, Inc with details on their critical situation.

All animal welfare not-for-profits applying must be recognized as Massachusetts state corporations in order to receive financial assistance.

Applicants will have a greater chance at consideration if they are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

  • Are organizations allowed to apply for both Kora’s Grant and Biko’s Gift?

Yes. There is only one application, meaning there is only one pool of applicants from which the beneficiaries of both are chosen.

  • What is the selection and giving format for choosing each beneficiary?

PAALS, Inc.’s Allocation Committee will convene twice per year — January and June.
At each of the two gatherings, committee members will review every application individually and privately.
Six organizations are selected in January, each of which will be separately revealed and presented during different months, for six months.
Six more organizations are selected in June, each of which will be separately revealed and presented during different months, for the latter six months of that year.

  • How will PAALS, Inc. ensure that all PIP Fund applicants are considered both fairly and equally?

The PAALS, Inc. Allocation Committee, comprised of Board Members and members of the Executive Management Team, will be utilizing a standardized application review process: 
-Individual / private application review by each committee member
-Open discussion on urgent / decision-making elements, once individual-reviewing has ended
-A blind vote to ensure that each committee member provides honest, uninfluenced feedback

  • When are the PIP Fund gifts awarded?

    • The PIP Fund giving schedule is as follows:

      • January — Kora’s Grant, Recipient 1

      • February — Kora’s Grant, Recipient 2

      • March — Kora’s Grant, Recipient 3

      • April — Biko’s Gift First Recipient & Honoree (presented at the PIP Event)

      • May — Kora’s Grant, Recipient 4

      • June — Kora’s Grant, Recipient 5

      • July — Kora’s Grant, Recipient 6

      • August — Kora’s Grant, Recipient 7

      • September — Kora’s Grant, Recipient 8

      • October — Biko’s Gift Second Recipient & Honoree (presented at the PIP Event)

      • November — Kora’s Grant, Recipient 9

      • December — Kora’s Grant, Recipient 10

  • How many organizations will PAALS, Inc. help in 2019?

In 2019, PAALS, Inc. will help 12 organizations.
We will be providing financial support to a different organization during every month of 2019.

  • How is PAALS, Inc. any different from a regular grant-giving organization?

One of our primary goals as an organization is to supply the PIP Fund beneficiaries with advertising / marketing / community rallying / cause awareness / cause advocacy vocalization, in addition to providing them with financial support. We plan to reach this goal every single month by using our own platform to highlight these deserving organizations.
—> A few examples of how PAALS, Inc. might choose to highlight a particular organization:
Social media ads, inviting the organization to co-table with PAALS, Inc. at an event, creating marketing materials about the beneficiary organization that PAALS, Inc. event guests can take home with them.

  • Why does PAALS, Inc. want to help?

As a whole, PAALS, Inc. is comprised of numerous individuals who have volunteered with a variety of nonprofit organizations. Although many of these organization’s causes have differed from one another, there is a commonality running through each:
That every group is made up of humans just trying to Do Good.
In the world of animal welfare not-for-profits / nonprofits, there are necessary elements like assigning volunteers to run fundraisers, which often feels inefficient or even wasteful in the grander scheme. When there are animals lives on the line and time is of the essence, it is difficult justifying having volunteers work on events and/or fundraisers.
With so many members of PAALS, Inc. having been a part of the animal welfare nonprofit world, our organization carries a unique perspective and understanding of the tiring, heart-wrenching, desperate need for both funds and advocacy / increase in cause awareness.

Please reach out to us if you have any further questions.


Thank You to all of the Animal Welfare Superheroes. 

We are here for you.

We are looking forward to honoring you.