The Board


Allison sharma
board member

Allison, who currently lives in Newton, has a long history of volunteering and activism! She has been active in the United Parish of Auburndale for about 16 years, volunteering in many, many capacities there. About 2 years ago, she became very interested and involved in refugee causes, and since the fall of 2016, Allison has been serving as a local hub for collecting humanitarian aid for NuDay Syria, an organization dedicated to serving women and children suffering from the effects of the war in Syria. She is also active in her community - when her kids where in elementary school, she served as the Communications Coordinator on the school’s PTO board, and most recently, she became active in local Newton, MA politics: Allison is currently serving on the executive committee of the city’s Council on Aging, and last fall, she ran as a write-in candidate for city council… losing by only 7 votes, a good reminder for everyone that your vote DOES count! She found out about PAALS, Inc. through a local connection and, knowing some of the folks already working on the project, knew that the passion in this org would be strong.

Allison adopted Sadie, a Sato from Puerto Rico, a little over four years ago, and she counts Sadie (also known as Sadie Sue, Sadie Lady or Puppity Pupster) as her favorite animal in the world. If all of this weren’t enough for Allison’s incredible talents, she can also recite all the prepositions in the English language very quickly. She had to memorize them in high school and they’ve stuck with her since then!


Amanda jett
board member

Amanda moved to Massachusetts in November of 2013 and currently live in Melrose with her fiancé and their bulldog fur-child, Brooks, who has got quite the personality and keeps them on their toes! Amanda LOVES all animals, but in particular: puppies (which doesn't actually designate an age — all dogs are puppies to her) elephants and bears!

Amanda grew up in Bear, Delaware with her younger twin sisters, where she was an avid field hockey and lacrosse player! She loved participating in team sports so much that she decided to referee high school field hockey and girls' lacrosse in Eastern MA, on the side of her full time job as a civil engineer! 

In college, Amanda volunteered with the American Cancer Society by helping plan the University of Delaware Relay for Life event each year. She is also a current volunteer with a local animal rescue, where her duties have ranged from those on the management level as well as standard volunteer duties such as transport and event help.

Currently, Amanda is the Board Vice President for the University of Delaware Boston Alumni Club, as well as accepting a seat on the Board of Directors for PAALS, Inc.! When asked what prompted her decision to accept, Amanda stated, “I just love the idea of an organization that helps plan events and fundraise for the MANY animal rescues and organizations that are out there. It's amazing to be able to spread your love for animals with more than one group!”


Ashley Kouyoumjian
Board member, Vice Chair

Can I pet your dog? Seriously. I love dogs. All of them. Walk down the street with me and I'll point them all out. My family has the sweetest mini schnauzer of all time, Greta and an adorably dorky yorkie named Sophie. I'm excited to join PAALS, Inc. in order to put my non-profit and event planning experience to use in support of animals of all types (hoping to meet some alpacas along the way). Outside of my work in the non-profit world and the PAALS, Inc. team, I am a competitive boxer and boxing trainer. I always wear red lipstick and I have big hair! Let's work together to help improve the lives of animals everywhere!


ERic Walz
board member

Eric, originally from Keller, TX, has a passion for animals and loves to help. As a board member, he has the ability to ensure PAALS stays true to its mission of supporting organizations that positively impact the lives of animals in need. Eric’s desire to help extends even further than animals: most recently, he and his wife, Emily, began a project to organize a collection of holiday gifts for needy families in the Boston area who are involved with the Department of Children and Families. In doing so, they hoped to brighten the holidays just a little for the families involved with DCF who may struggle to afford even basic necessities during the holidays, much less gifts.

Eric recently took a “Hawk Walk” with a Harris Hawk named Beau, and Beau the Hawk and birds top his list of favorite animals. But he can’t forget Rex, his little senior Chihuahua! Did you know Eric is athletic, too? He played for the Chatham A’s in the Cape Cod League!


Jacob kiley
Board member

I’m a board member for PAALS, Inc. because of my love of animals and my love for the community I live in. I’m not a Massachusetts native but for the last decade I have been committed to being a great neighbor and friend to those I meet, two legs or four. 

I have a dog named Jackson who has a very special place in my heart for many reasons in addition to being a great member of my family. Jacks also happens to be my very first dog!

When I was a kid I lived in San Diego and in the summers I would go to Sea World. These visits sparked my interest in dolphins and I truly saw myself being a dolphin trainer someday.

Now being a part of PAALS, Inc., I’m in a position to help both types of animals alongside my great team members.


Melissa galvin
board member

Melissa Galvin lives in Waltham Massachusetts with her two daughters, Cierra and Chyna. She is a passionate animal rescue advocate and has also opened her home to doggies Gertrude and Jack, as well as a few kitties!

Melissa’s passion for animals and their welfare has always been incredibly strong, making it no surprise at all that she also owns a highly reputable local pet care company.

Melissa is so excited to be a part of PAALS, Inc. and looks forward to all of the good things ahead!


Richard m. reeves
board Member, treasurer

Richard M. Reeves was born, raised and educated in upstate New York.  Mr.  Reeves retired from an active business career and settled in Saratoga, New York with Jeannette, his wife of 42 years.

After serving in the US Navy during the Viet Nam conflict, Mr. Reeves entered Syracuse University where he completed his Bachelor of Science and Masters of Business Administration degrees, majoring in Finance and Accounting. After graduating he embarked on a career in the real estate investment field including mortgage lending, property development, pension fund management and equity investing. Mr. Reeves has held senior executive level positions in a number of firms culminating in thirteen years as President of Metropolis Investment Holdings Inc., a Chicago based private real estate investment firm, where he still remains as an active board member and advisor.

During his 36 year business career Mr. Reeves was involved in a number of professional and recreational organizations but also found time to donate time and energy to civic and educational organizations. Mr. Reeves was an active member and officer of the Fairfield Jaycees for many years and as an avid sailor volunteered as a board member of the United States Power Squadron (USPS). Since retiring Mr. Reeves has given of his time to the Backstretch Employees Service Team (BEST) helping the welfare of the backstretch employees at the Saratoga Race Course. In addition, Mr. Reeves joined the Saratoga Springs Lion’s Club where he has volunteered for a number of the club’s programs and currently holds the position of Immediate Past President (President).


Roger J.F. Lehrberg
Board Member

Roger J.F. Lehrberg is a General Practice Attorney specializing in Real Estate Law. His favorite animals are elephants and dogs, he has two adult sons and a beautiful brand new granddaughter.


Stacey l. Link
Founder, Board Chair, Executive Director

Stacey L. Link grew up in Sudbury, Massachusetts where her love for animals began at an early age. Although she now prefers the company of “dogpals”, at one time her favorite animal was rabbits — as was evidenced by the ten page report she wrote in the hopes of acquiring a beloved “rabbitpal”.

In addition to Stacey’s love of animals, she also exhibited a love of and interest in helping other humans from a very young age. Whether she was voluntarily helping other kids on and off of her school bus each day, assisting her Mom in Thanksgiving grocery shopping for families in need, supporting her classmates with Library help or reading to children while volunteering at a local shelter for mothers with children, Stacey’s care for the world around her always came naturally and has continued on into adulthood.

In high school Stacey co-founded a local S.A.D.D. chapter, captained sports teams and volunteered at numerous Special Olympics events. During her college years the passion for helping others pressed on and led to Stacey receiving her degree in Education and Psychology. After college Stacey worked locally as a teacher’s aide and as a small group teacher for special needs students before her passion took one more turn, and she realized (while teaching English in Switzerland) that her true interest was in teaching animals.

Stacey now owns a local pet care company and has numerous years of animal rescue experience under her belt, having worked as a staple volunteer with two different rescue groups before shifting into different management roles within the latter group. Stacey is an Aunt to an unbelievably precocious three year old, a back-up dogmom to a slew of local dogpals, and is a Full-Time DogMom to her own three beautiful, wonderful and goobery dogpals — Oscar Enzo & Kora.